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General Schedule (GS) Equivalency Chart

BPA Hourly Jobs for Qualifications Purposes

The General Schedule (GS) Equivalency Chart (Chart), starting on page 2, serves as guidance to determine the relative qualifications of BPA hourly (i.e., bargaining board) jobs in relation to qualification requirements for General Schedule (i.e., annual) positions.

The Chart provides guidance for Human Resource Specialists and Assistants in making qualification determinations when BPA hourly employees apply for General Schedule positions with BPA. The Chart is also used as guidance for evaluating and classifying GS supervisory positions, as appropriate, when the GS position supervises hourly positions. Lastly, the information is useful for hourly employees interested in applying for GS positions.

The Chart facilitates the determination of equivalent experience gained in a BPA Hourly position when a BPA employee applies for consideration in a GS (annual) position.

Applicants for GS positions must have had a total of one year of specialized experience that has equipped them with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position and typically related to the work of the position to be filled as stated in the competitive vacancy announcement.

To be creditable, the specialized experience must have been equivalent to at least the next lower-grade level in the normal line of progression for the occupation to which one is applying. Work experience gained in a non-BPA hourly position is evaluated based upon the applicant’s experience and it’s relevance in meeting the established qualification requirements for the GS position for which application is submitted. For example, experience as an Electrician at another company is not automatically considered comparable to specialized experience gained as a BPA Electrician.


Equivalency Qualifications

Senior System Dispatcher (All Classifications) including relief


Electrician Foreman III/II (All Classifications)

Celilo Electrician Foreman II

Lineman Foreman III (all Classifications)

Chief Substation Operator III

Aircraft Machinist Foreman III


Chief Substation Operator I

Dispatchers (System, Generation, Outage) including relief

Electrician Foreman I (all Classifications)

Lineman Foreman I (all Classifications)

Senior DC Substation Operator, including relief

Aircraft Patrol Observer


Assistant Dispatcher I and II

Cable Splicer

Craftsman (all Classifications)

D.C. Substation Operator

Electrician (all Classifications)

Electrical-Mechanical Worker

Electrical Rigger Foreman II

Electrical Utility Carpenter Foreman III/II

Electrical Utility Materials Handler Foreman III

Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic Foreman III/I

Heavy Equipment Operator Foreman II

Lineman (all Classifications)

Machinist Foreman II

Painter Foreman II

Sheet Metal Mechanic Foreman II

Substation Operator, including Senior Substation Operator

Truck Foreman III

Welder Foreman II

Craftsman Trainee (all Classifications)


Electrical Utility Carpenter Foreman I

Electrical Utility Materials Handler Foreman II

Aircraft Machinist


Electrical Utility Materials Handler Foreman I (all Classifications)

Electronic Instrumentation Worker

General Tool and Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Equipment/Crane Operator

Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic (One Mechanic Shop)


Plumber and Pipefitter

Sheet Metal Mechanic


Crane Operator


Electrical Utility Carpenter

Electrical Rigger

Heavy Equipment Operator


Line Equipment Operator A

Rigging Truck Driver

Assistant Dispatcher Trainee (all levels)


Facilities Maintenance Worker

Facilities Maintenance Technician (HVAC)

General Tool and Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Truck Driver

Electrical Utility Materials Handler

Electrician Helper


Electrical Utility Materials Handler Trainee (all levels)


Revised 04-01-11

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